Do you need a boardroom?  Looking to host an Event?

Need to meet some clients while you're in town? 

Petridish can help.


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Want to work in a space that inspires you? Are you just getting started? Need an office for you and your team? Have a look inside!

See what we are all about:

We offer flexible desk options, inspirational people, and cushy meeting rooms.

​Take A Tour. Stay for a coffee. See for yourself!​


Petridish has creative media, tech companies, and more. Meet some of the innovative people that interact & collaborate. 

Petridish is a community of creative media, tech, and small businesses -- innovating the way we work.

Our goals are to connect and empower people, and to create an inspirational place where it all happens!

There are three event spaces for groups to gather in, collaborate and share ideas.

Are you picking up what we're throwing down? Don't hesitate and join us at Petridish!