Event Space

And You Still Need To See The Best Part Of Our Spaces!

Need some rack space and private VLAN?

The data room at Petridish is central to the building, where all fibre connections begin.

There is rentable rack space, so you can set up your own centralised network, media drives and data recovery. 

Need some inspiration?

Some of the best ideas come to you when you've

got your feet up, so mellow out in our lounge. 

You can also have a casual meeting there or you

can use it to bounce around some ideas.

Need a place to make an important phone call? 

On level 2 we have two phone booths

at your disposal.

Are you looking for an inspirational place to work? Are you in need for a private office space?

Would you like to hold a meeting or host a special event?

Or are just looking for a seat for the day?

Come on over to Petridish, here we have a space for EVERYONE!



Already planning your move to Petridish?


Have a look at our floor plans & decide where you want your business to get started.

Private Offices

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What Can We Offer You?

Meeting Rooms

Need to take a break?

On level 1 you can enjoy our full shared kitchen with tea, coffee and hot chocolate.​

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