Got a new business or an idea that could use a helping hand?  ​We are now offering a 'dragons den' style of pitching, called 'PetriDen'. 

Take this opportunity to get ahead, and come visit us on a Wednesday afternoon.  These sessions include general business, accounting, legal, banking and computer advice. 

Bookings are ESSENTIAL for this free service, so if you want to secure yourself a session, let us know.

There will be 2 available every week, at 1PM or 2:30PM. Sessions take about 1hr 15mins. 

Do you just have a quick question for one of our consultants? Let us know and we'll book you in for a one-on-one at either 2:15PM or 3:45PM.

Petridish is proud to offer the local StartUp and Small Business Community access to free consultations, but this wouldn't be possible without the generosity of our amazing supporters! 

For all your general business questions. David has a wealth of knowledge he's wanting to share with you.

Looking for some financial, risk, tax or related services advice? An expert from Deloitte will be here to help you. 

Who will be there?


Starting up your own company? Experiencing some bumps along the way? Come and see the team for your business questions.

Need to talk Business Banking? Adin is your 'go to' guy! Bring in your questions and get some great advice.

​Could your computer be working better? Got a nagging problem that you've been working around? Or a new device / software update that you’re not making the most of?  ​Chris is here to save the day!