New business Legals

How to get it Rright

Tue 21 FEB

Thu 8 MAR


Thu ​​​​3 NOV

Inspire my body

Inspire Series Part 2

Past Events

Thu ​​​​3

What are your obligations?

Open Day for Vogel Street Party!

Sat ​​​​10 DEC

Fri 9 MAR

Sales & Marketing Jam Dunedin

Concepts of Narrative VR with Mike Jones

Fri 15 DEC

Thu 24 MAY

​Ombrellitos: Pilot Opening

Let's Make A Video!

Media Bootcamp

​Mastering Social Media & PR

Innovation and Tech Showcase

Thu 12 APR

MixBit's free APP, connecting Dunedin

Thu 1 JUN

Inspire My Body

Thu 4 MAY

Social Media Tips & Tools

Welcome Kiwi Landing Pad to Dunedin

​Design Thinking with Radicle Insight

Supercharge your Sales

Thu 10 AUG

​Fri ​26 AUG

Co. Starters

Get started in business

Tue 14 NOV

Sat 8 OCT

Wed 4 OCT

Official Launch Party

Using CRM for your business

The RIGHT way

Beat Procrastination!

Petridish Wealth Evening

Early Stage Business

Sat 4 NOV

National Coworking Day!


Feeling Sketchy


Thu 12 APR

Thu ​​2 FEB


The Real Secret to Getting Results from your Site

Thu 5 OCT

Thu 6 JUL

​Thu ​1 DEC


 Sat 27 JAN

Conversational Intelligence


Thu 7 FEB

Fri 22 DEC


Carlson Pop Up SALE

​​Ombrellitos Pop Up

Thu 6 APR

​Sat ​​3 SEP

Thu ​​2 MAR

From Hero to XERO!

Thu 8 JUN

Fresh Shorts Story Workshop

Thu 11 MAY

Tue 9 MAY


Fri 10 MAR

Thu 7 DEC

Tue 22 MAY

Thu 10 MAY

Blockchain with bitfwd

Sat 18 MAR

PetriKucha Presents "Technology fro Life"

Co. Starters by StartUp Dunedin

Practical Tips for Gaming the Facebook Algorithm

Thu 15 MAR

Thu 7 SEP

 Thu 14 SEP

Make more MONEY and have more TIME!

Thu 16 NOV

RISE 2017 Dunedin

Business Mentors

Mon 21 MAY

Let's Make A Video!

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