Thu ​​​​3

What are your obligations?

Open Day for Vogel Street Party!

Optimising You for Business Performance

Sat ​​​​10 DEC

Fri 9 MAR

Sales & Marketing Jam Dunedin

Concepts of Narrative VR with Mike Jones

Fri 15 DEC

Tue 22 MAY

Thu 10 MAY

Blockchain with bitfwd

 Sat 27 JAN

Conversational Intelligence


Thu 7 FEB

Fri 22 DEC

Sat 18 MAR

PetriKucha Presents "Technology fro Life"

Co. Starters by StartUp Dunedin

Practical Tips for Gaming the Facebook Algorithm


Carlson Pop Up SALE

​​Ombrellitos Pop Up

Thu 6 APR

​Sat ​​3 SEP

Thu 24 MAY

​Ombrellitos: Pilot Opening

Let's Make A Video!

Media Bootcamp

​Mastering Social Media & PR

Innovation and Tech Showcase

Thu 12 APR

Thu 15 MAR

Thu 7 SEP

 Thu 14 SEP

Thu ​​2 MAR

Make more MONEY and have more TIME!

MixBit's free APP, connecting Dunedin

Thu 1 JUN

Inspire My Body

Thu 4 MAY

Social Media Tips & Tools

Welcome Kiwi Landing Pad to Dunedin

From Hero to XERO!

Thu 8 JUN

Fresh Shorts Story Workshop

Thu 11 MAY

Thu 16 NOV

RISE 2017 Dunedin

Business Mentors

Mon 21 MAY

Let's Make A Video!

Tue 9 MAY

​Design Thinking with Radicle Insight

Supercharge your Sales


What are you up to in Dunedin?

Fri 10 MAR

Thu 7 DEC

Thu 10 AUG

​Fri ​26 AUG

Thu 14 JUN

Co. Starters

Get started in business

Tue 14 NOV

Sat 8 OCT

Wed 4 OCT

Official Launch Party

Using CRM for your business

The RIGHT way

Beat Procrastination!

Petridish Wealth Evening

Early Stage Business

Sat 4 NOV

National Coworking Day!


Feeling Sketchy


Thu 12 APR

Thu ​​2 FEB

New business Legals

How to get it Rright

Tue 21 FEB

Thu 8 MAR


Thu ​​​​3 NOV

Inspire my body

Inspire Series Part 2

Past Events


The Real Secret to Getting Results from your Site

Thu 5 OCT

Thu 6 JUL

​Thu ​1 DEC