Jonathan specialises in Painting, both small scale and large. He enjoys producing bodies of work which embody a unique idea or theme. He also creates works on commission, including Murals (both interior and exterior).  View the timelapse here!




Jonathan Waters

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Renee was visiting our City thanks to Dunedin Street Art, and luckily for us he created an amazing mural right next to our building.  We convinced him to create a masterpiece in our stairwell and we LOVE it.  Come see!

During a quick visit to Dunners from Melbourne, Harley managed to squeeze in a bit of art for us! Watch the cool timelapse here.

Jemima likes to rock out with her chalk out! You can see her work all over Dunedin, and you'll notice some real gems around the Petridish office spaces.


Parry's the man with the master plan. He's an award winning filmmaker and animator, and likes to spend his time taking long walks on the beach.