Women In Business is what it is!! If you're a women, and in business,

then you need to connect to this page.  Run by Petridish and Cosmos Events, Kate and Kim offer regular monthly events.  

We're all about support, advice, encouragement and networking.  

#BetterTogether indeed!! #GalsInBiz 


Creative Dish is a group for the community, run by Petridish.  

We welcome everyone in Business to come along to our FREE monthly events. Each month there is a new Guest Speaker presenting on a topic relevant to our business community.  

Join our page to come along for Networking, Learning, enjoying a bite to eat & having a drink with us.      #WeShareBecauseWeCare

A page just for you - so you won't miss out on a Business event again!  Created by Petridish in conjunction with all the Dunedin people in the know! 


Petridish have created a few groups to help the community get connected and stay in the know.  Here are the pages we work in conjunction with!

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