Sat 30 JUN

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New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of bowel cancer in the world and bowel cancer is our most common form of cancer.

Bowel Cancer New Zealand is a national patient-led charity aiming to decrease the impact of bowel cancer on the New Zealand community through awareness, education, support, research and promotion of access to appropriate screening and treatments. To do that they need donations through fundraising events such as this one!

But fundraisers don't have to be all sausage sizzles and car washes so get on your best flapper dresses and zoot suits, dust off your wallets and join us for an evening of extravagance, glitz, glamour & fun to raise funds for this very worthy charity.

The evening will run in a very similar fashion to the 2016 event with drinks, canapes, casino games and a charity auction. This event raised just over $7,000 for BCNZ.

Our fundraising goal this year is $10,000 so PLEASE get your ticket today and help us raise these precious funds and generate awareness among our family and friends

With a dedication to multi-disciplined research into how we can harness ourselves AND a business career spanning 'many years', Carol Moulin, the Decimal Guru, will share some of the insightful and interesting techniques she's learned along the way.

These techniques, when applied, will allow for increased satisfaction, engagement and performance for your business life.

BCNZ Great Gatsby Casino Fundraiser

BCNZ Great Gatsby Casino Fundraiser

Sat 30 JUN