The function room is a large community room where our members meet for lunch, friday beers and music, or to play some ping pong. It's where the Dunedin community can mingle or launch initiatives. It's even the place where you introduce your products to the world. 

Does your company need space to assemble products? Are you an engineer or inventor

looking for an environment where you can design the next kick-starter gadget!?

Use our shared workshop to make your latest idea a reality!

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Mocap and green screen studio


child friendly options, more suites, live video pod-casting, market days, etc etc!



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Petridish grows with the needs of our clients.

Got a great idea that will help our members grow their business? Let us know, so we can make our community thrive!

Here are some ideas that are currently under way!

Let your imagination come to life in our shared studio in the basement!

More details to come.