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In 2006, Jason & Kate Lindsey knew that after spending almost a decade working in Film & Television in Los Angeles, it was time to move their family to Kate's hometown of Christchurch. Jason continued his career in Film & Television, commuting to Los Angeles for the next four years, while Kate took care of their young children. Eventually the travel became tiresome, so when their girls were both at school age they moved to Dunedin for Kate to pursue her new career in Aviation, and she is still working in that industry full-time.  It didn't take long to fall in love with Dunedin, so they purchased the historic Ross & Glendining building at 8 Stafford Street, which was the impetus for their Shared Office Space. 

Jason & Kate decided that creating a great culture in the space would be the top priority - hence the name, Petridish. It’s a name that plays off of Culture and Growth. ​

The members make our community what it is - friendly, helpful, collaborative, inspiring and inclusive.

An additional 700sqm on Level 1 has recently opened and is filling up quickly. Ombrellitos café opened in 2018, and will be followed by a community function space in July 2019, also on the ground floor. Over the next year, Petridish will expand another 1400sqm to meet demand. It includes a Mums/Dads & Bubs space, a Green Screen & Motion Capture Studio, Editing, Foley & Sound Suites, and a Maker Space. 

If you can dream it up, the Petridish community can help you make it a reality — anything’s possible!

Petridish also has a helping hand during all of this...

Let us introduce Chai - our Pug puppy, and Flex - our 3 year old Frenchie. These guys bring so much love and joy to our days and we're happy to share them with our members!

If you need a break and want a cuddle, they're just a few feet away and would enjoy your company! It's a proven fact that office days make you happier!! We 100% agree!

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